Rectifier Trouble-Shooting & Maintenance Course

Class 1 Option: October 4-5, 2021
Class 2 Option: October 6-7, 2021

Course fee is $250 per person. Limit to 22 students per class. The course will be taught by CM Nelson and certificates will be issues by him. This is not a AMPP (NACE or SSPC) course.

**Attendees MUST provide their own VOM Multimeter and client required PPE


Course Outline

Day 1: (Full Day)
8 a.m. Start

A) Basic Corrosion Fundamentals.
B) Safety Concerns.
    a)  Potential injuries (ie: Shocks, Burns, PPE).
    b) “Non-Electrical” hazards (ie: Environment, Natural hazards).
C) Rectifier fundamentals and types.
D) Trouble-shooting fundamentals.

A) Trouble-shooting equipment.
B) Rectifier component breakdown.
C) Cause/effect of component failure.
D) Potential hazards of components:
    a) Individual component breakdown & discussion of major components in a Rectifier.
    b) Types of potential hazards/injuries of major components (ie: AC or DC voltage, Shock)
E) Methods to reduce or eliminate potential injuries.
F) Testing techniques for component trouble-shooting.

Day 2: (1/2 Day)
8 a.m. Start

Review and open forum Q & A over Day 1 topics and material.

A) Actual class member participation in Trouble-shooting defective CP Rectifier units.
B) Actual class member participation in Trouble-shooting individual Rectifier components.

A) Class discussion of Trouble-shooting portion and results.
B) Review of Trouble-shooting and Safety discussions.
C) Final Questions & Answers period.
D) Class dismissal.