Technical Program

Coatings Track

  • Surface preparation concerns in the field
  • Controlling environmental conditions during coating applications
  • Cathodic Shielding
  • Training of field personnel
  • Project scoping who needs involved
  • Coatings Selection for atmospheric mitigation
  • Handling of coated pipe from the mill to the field
  • Casing filler and problems

Corrosion (CP) Track

  • Cathodic Protection systems trouble shooting methods
  • Casings, testing, monitoring and mitigation
  • Internal Corrosion, field sampling, interpretation of data, gathering systems issues,
  • Interference Testing, interruption cycles and period of time, I/R free P/S Measurements
  • High Voltage AC testing and mitigation methods
  • Shielding coatings, testing techniques and mitigation plan
  • Regulations overview and proposed changes/rules
  • Corrosion Process plants and use of alternative materials
  • Shorting of flange isolation kits, causes and mitigation
  • And outside the pipeline world, corrosion of steel power line towers and mitigation
Technical Program